Restaurant Spotlight–Taziki’s

When you discover a new restaurant and you end up eating there three times in one week, you know you’ve found a favorite. Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe just opened less than a month ago in a new shopping center (only two minutes from our apartment I might add). I’ve been to small Greek-style restaurants before but was not overly impressed. But THIS place…wow.

Let me just give you a tour. So, you walk in, and there is this cute little welcome sign.

20150705_160811 - Edited

A friendly employee comes up and introduces him/herself, and asks if you’ve been there before. They then hand you a menu and point you to the ordering line.

There are SO many yummy options to choose from, and all of them are super healthy. For a complete list, check out their online menu. During our most recent visit, I opted for the Grilled Chicken Gyros (pronounced YEE-ros). My Hubby got the grilled beef tenderloin feast, which comes with greek salad and a side of your choice. He also, being the over zealous meat-eater that he is, got a side of shrimp. We both ordered the new potatoes for our side, which are seasoned so perfectly that it literally surprises you every time you take a bite. The appetizer we ordered is the Taziki dip with soft pita bread. (Hubby couldn’t wait to dig in before I snapped the picture.)


At another time I ordered the shrimp feast, which was too beautiful to not post on my Instagram 🙂

20150702_194727 - Edited

Most recently we went on a Sunday at around 3pm, (hence the empty restaurant pictures). We enjoyed the personal attention from the staff and we even chatted with the owner, who told us that they make EVERYTHING from scratch–even the salad dressings and horseradish sauce. He said they cut the fruit and veggies 2 times a day to ensure freshness.

20150705_153743        20150705_153735  For a casual cafe, they are a little pricey, but SO worth it. We paid about $30-$40 for the two of us each time we went. We weren’t sure how to tip since you pay at the beginning, so we asked the manager. She said to simply tip at the beginning next time if you are satisfied this time. Makes sense to me.

I can’t wait to try out more things on their menu. See you there!



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