Nights at the Barre

On my journey to finding the perfect yoga class, I stumbled upon this amazing group of ladies who do Barre (no, they’re not bartenders as the pun suggests). I attended my first class a few weeks ago after being invited by Melissa, the teacher/trainer. She calls her home studio Meraki Exercise Studio. (“Meraki” is greek, meaning to do something with love, creativity, or soul.)

The class consists of an hour of stretching, pressing, and contracting every muscle in your body. There was a constant reminder to align your spine, which is especially helpful to those of us who tend to slump. I felt like a ballerina, a yogi, and a rock star all at the same time. (I’m pretty sure contracting your hips is the same as twerking). Melissa’s upbeat and positive spirit kept everyone going.  It was a blast.

The zillion thoughts running through my head on a daily basis were put on hold, which is what I was seeking in a yoga class. My muscles were burning and I was sore the next day, which means I will actually see results from attending regularly, and I intend to do so.

I have peaceful outlet, new friends, a fun hobby, and a toned butt. What more could a girl ask for? Oh, that’s right! Retail therapy 🙂

barre funny


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