DIY Initial Ornaments

As soon as I put up my Christmas tree this year, I noticed our lack of personalized ornaments. I was on a mission to create something beautiful. My original idea was to paint some of those rustic wood circles, but the local Walmart was in short supply. So I ventured outside of Pinterest and put my creative mind to work. I decided on these wooden letters. I got a few of them to give as gifts if the project turned out like I planned. Here are all of the materials I used, but of course you can use whatever you like to personalize your ornament.

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Don’t forget to get some of those little eye hook screws so you can hang from your tree! I got a pack of 10 for less than $2.

For some of my letters, I printed off some complicated sheet music (that’s what I searched for in Google images). I traced the letters on the sheet, then glued them using Elmer’s Glue. Next, I mixed a little water with some glue on a paper plate and painted that mixture on top of the paper to give it an extra seal. (This is a hack for making copy cat Modge Podge–so much cheaper!)

20151122_131330 - Edited.jpg

My hubby suggested burning the edges to make it look more rustic. This was somewhat a painstaking process, because the wood didn’t burn very fast and my finger got sore from holding the ‘trigger’ on the lighter. (I know, first world problems, right?) I was extremely happy with the ending result, so it was worth the pain.

2015-11-23 06.14.54 1 - Edited

For some of the letters I burned the edges first, then roughly painted the inside white. I added song lyrics with sharpie and a gold marker. I was really pleased with how both designs turned out. I finished off by screwing in the eye hook and tying a loop with some twine.

20151122_132855 - Edited

Here are some close ups:

One more with my ornament hanging on the tree.


Now I feel our tree has a personal touch. I can’t wait to add more homemade ornaments! Merry Christmas!



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One Response to DIY Initial Ornaments

  1. Anna Koon says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! They turned out great! Very creative.


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