8 Ways to Relax: Show Yourself Some Love

Loving others becomes really hard when you don’t love yourself. I’ve narrowed down my favorite ways to relax and focus on myself. I hope this helps someone who needs it.

1) Drink hot tea.

Decaf Pure Peppermint is my current favorite. Something about the smell, the warmth, and the cool mint flavor just puts me at ease.

2) Do yoga/work out.

I know, super cliche. If I’m not able to attend a class, I love watching Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. Check out this video specifically.

3) Write in a journal.

Rather than taking out your anger on your friends/family, write it down. It is liberating. I learn so much about myself when I write. Often my gloomy writings will turn into prayers of gratitude.

4) Take a bath.

I like to put in some coconut oil, bubbles, and a bath bomb if I have one. Just make a bath cocktail and enjoy the alone time.

5) Clean/declutter.

I like to pick one room and tackle it until I’m happy. This means taking everything out of the drawers or cabinets, reorganizing, and the most important part, throwing stuff away. You cannot truly relax until you’ve gotten rid of stuff you don’t need. I’m not the only one that shares this opinion; just go read The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up.

6) Play/cuddle with a pet.

Pets don’t argue. They don’t judge. They only love. I’m instantly happy when I play a game of tug of war with my dog, or when I scratch that magic spot under his shoulder that makes his leg twitch.

7) Beautify yourself.

Paint your nails, try a new make-up look, put on a pretty dress, curl your hair (or if you’re more adventurous, dye your hair)! Do something to make yourself “selfie” worthy, then take a selfie! No shame.

8) Color.

I’ve saved this for last because it is my most recent endeavor. The adult coloring book craze is hot right now, and I have jumped on the bandwagon. I got my book and thin tip markers at Michael’s.

Now, go show yourself some love. pink-heart-clipart-9TRRGMj5c


About JoyfuLovely

Hello! I'm trying this blogging thing out for a while. Hope you find something encouraging, helpful, entertaining, or a mix of all three!
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2 Responses to 8 Ways to Relax: Show Yourself Some Love

  1. Great suggestions! Sometimes it is hard to think of something like cleaning as a way to take care of yourself, but often that is one of the best things you can do to get out of a rut! Thanks for sharing these!


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