My Favorite Things

I always love reading about or watching other people’s “favorites” on YouTube. I often wondered what I would deem worthy enough to put on a favorites list. Being one to appreciate the little things, I started a list of things that I notice make me happy. Here are my six current happy picks:

Noosa Yoghurt

This Aussie style dairy treat is the sweetest, creamiest, keep-it-in-your-mouth yogurt I have ever tasted. Now, I am not advocating it’s health benefits (with 30 grams of sugar per serving size, you might want to limit yourself) but I am promoting the taste, and most importantly, the texture. Friends tell me I have “texture issues,” but when eating yogurt, I don’t want to be surprised by small cream chunks or lack of flavor in some bites. Give this yogurt (spelled yoghurt if you’re outside North America) a good stir, and the only surprise you will find is how unbelievably delicious it is.

My personal flavor choice? Lemon or Raspberry.
My personal flavor choice? Lemon or Raspberry.

Dark and Sea Salt Caramel Ghirardelli Chocolates

You might begin to see a trend here…I do have a sweet tooth! I have always chosen Ghirardelli as my favorite brand of chocolates (and Hubby remembers this every holiday and anniversary). This past year for our anniversary he picked up the Dark and Sea Salt Caramel flavor. After trying one I told him never to buy another flavor! If you like salty and sweet mixed with the slightly bitter flavor of dark chocolate, give these a try!


Yogi Skin Detox Tea

With the summer heat reaching the high nineties here in Greenville, coffee in the mornings just seems out of the question. This tea tastes very fruity and refreshing, all while giving you natural ingredients for healthy skin. It’s great hot or cold, with or without sweetener (I like to add honey on occasion, but it’s not too bland without it). The rose petal and hibiscus flowers make it very aromatic, and the green tea and pomegranate flavors blend well. I did learn that it’s not a nighttime tea (18mg of caffeine), but I may just be overly sensitive.


Artistry Soothing Creme

A winter favorite for dry skin, but a summer favorite for razor burn prevention. $25 might seem like a lot for such a small container, but only a pea-sized dollop is required for maximum coverage. This creme is fragrance and SPF free, which is perfect for my sensitive skin. It has worked particularly well after shaving sensitive areas (bikini line, anyone?). Hubby even uses it on his face when he clean shaves.


Mint X Trash Bags

Yes, you read correctly, I said trash bags. Since we live in an apartment we don’t typically have to worry about rodents rummaging through our garbage, but apparently they hate the smell of mint! Lucky for me, it is one of my all-time favorite scents. I buy these purely for the smell and the masking power. It really does cut out the smell of rotting banana peels and old dairy products! The mint smell lasts for about 2 days, but by that time we are taking out the trash anyway. I can honestly say I look forward to replacing the trash bag just to get a good whiff of fresh mint!


Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath with Rosemary and Mint

Did I mention I love the smell of mint? 🙂
At the end of a long day (or maybe even in the middle of a lazy day) it’s great to treat yourself with a nice bath. Who doesn’t like bubble baths? Light a candle, get some herbal tea, play some Andy Grammar on Pandora, and relax! You deserve it.



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